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Optimal Aging

Investing in yourself means being healthy enough to enjoy the full spectrum of your lifespan. Ancient wisdom and modern advances in medicine have come together in ways that now allow physicians to tailor wellness plans that are fully integrative and specific to individuals. It is never too early or too late to start. The primary goal of an age management medical program should be to slow or prevent degenerative processes that are normally associated with advancing age, and, by doing so, improve quality of life into our “twilight” years.

The physicians and staff at RejuvenationMD believe that optimal aging means creating vitality, decreasing fat, increasing strength, improving lab values, building physical and sexual vitality, managing stress, enhancing mental acuity, and sleeping well.  All these areas are addressed in our optimal aging program.  We are not focused on disease management but on enhancing health.  Like all our wellness programs, this one also begins with a thorough consultation. First, we listen to your concerns and goals.

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The appropriate lab work and health history is completed, and then a realistic plan with regular doctor visits ensure you achieve the results you desire.  Strategies can be adapted as your health and goals evolve.  Committing to an Optimal Aging Program with RejuvenationMD gives you a relationship of care you can count on.

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"We tailor the experience to every person...
this is not a cookie-cutter practice. Each face and body has different challenges and different solutions. Deciding on the right solution is an art. Creating the most beautiful results is an art unto itself.”

- Tianna Tsitsis, MD

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